When the female sits on a cock and spins herself round on it, copying the motion of sharpening a pencil.
I went to Georges house to do some hardcore sharpening today
by Banter1235 March 5, 2014
An alcoholic beverage used to enhance creativity and productivity
by Spalding July 9, 2019
Sharpening refers to the process of taking the time to recharge your batteries. It is important to '''''Sharpen''''' on a frequent basis to make sure you do not burnout or become run down. There are many different ways to sharpen, and they will vary from person to person. Examples include a water sharpen (getting water), lunch sharpen (eating) or garden sharpen (planting trees) just to name a few. Sharpens must be taken in at least ten minute increments. Also, you should sharpen at least two times a day if your job requires you to work at least forty hours a week. The exact science requires that you sharpen at least ten minutes for every 4 hours you work.
Quilting sharpen, video game sharpen, p90x sharpen, walk the dog sharpen, fedalio shapen. There are so many more examples.
by KELBEL13 August 6, 2009
The act of sexual intercourse with a woman wearing a Rape-aXe and having her spin on your dick.
Hey Frank, my girlfriend gave my dick the sharpener last night! Best sex of my life.
by Mr ZSP October 25, 2020
A sharpener is known as a womans vagina!
O i am going to stick my pencil in your sharpener tonight, and we all know you'll enjoy that *wink wink*
by bigbird90 March 1, 2005
The common act of which a male by instinct checks out a female even if he does or does not find her attractive.
Man, she ain't even hot but you keep sharpening.
by LBOT January 7, 2011