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Originally a term normally used in the UK by Medical Doctors for patients who may pass a sanity test in its strictest possible terms -a bit like the German cannibal that a psychiatrists recently deemed sane- but beyond that the person has declared open season on anything and everything that could be counted as reality.
The term is rapdly becoming the left/democrat equivalent of the 80's insult: 'Loony Left'
The Adam Smith Institute may well all have the advantages an Oxbridge education may bring. However spending more than a couple of moments in in the company of any in thier entourage, it becomes immediately apparent that they are quite normal -for Taunton.
by irritant January 07, 2004
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The tendancy for some lesbians (both faux and real) to indulge in mafia or mob-like behaviour.
The term can also be used in a satirical or derogatory manner.
She's a fully paid-up member of the Muffia.
by irritant June 04, 2003
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A particular gay sub group defined by it's overdeveloped muscular physiques. As a group they can be exceptionally camp and effeminate.
by irritant April 01, 2004
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A prole who works for Apple. Usually works in their resellers.
The term is a twist on the early Apple adverts that parodied Microsoft/PC users as proles living in a 1984 dystopia.
You can tell s/he's an appleprole by the (various witticisms here).
by irritant July 30, 2004
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A surreal dud, con or fraud.

Probably the most famous Monty Python sketch.
A customer returns to a pet shop where he was originally conned into buying a dead parrot.
Regardless of the extremes the customer goes to prove the parrot is dead (he even whacks the dead bird off a hard surface) the seller insists the parrot is as still as alive as it was previous.

Also known as the blue parrot sketch.
"There's no use trying to sell that car to me. It's as dead as a parrot."
by irritant August 04, 2004
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A piece of legislation whose title either intentionally or otherwise:-

1) Has little or nothing to do with how it will operate in practice. It may even be completely ineffective.
2) In practice does the exact opposite to the title.

Could also be described as a dud, con, fraud or even surreal.

The term refers to a famous Monty Python sketch about a dead parrot.
"...the Attorney General needs to look at this consultation paper again. If he doesn't we could end up with a piece of dead parrot legislation..."
by irritant August 04, 2004
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Scottish for the word 'more'.
Nae mair pish. Means 'No more rubbish/piss'.
by irritant July 09, 2004
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