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The tendancy for some lesbians (both faux and real) to indulge in mafia or mob-like behaviour.
The term can also be used in a satirical or derogatory manner.
She's a fully paid-up member of the Muffia.
by irritant June 04, 2003
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The Mummy Maffia, a rather strange and alarming breed who feel the need to knock the confidence of other parents in order to reassure themselves that their own offspring are Wonder Children.

Don't feed them after midnight!
Run for the hills, the Muffia are coming.

The Muffia will be on the phone to Childline after you.

Have you heard? The Muffia's toddlers can run marathons and fly Lear jets.
by Snozzbert May 10, 2009
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In an age in which women shave/wax their pubic hair for various reasons (ex. bikini wax), women who choose to go natural are part of the "muffia."
Dude, that chick who I went home with last night was part of the muffia.
by rockstar 1 April 17, 2009
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