A beautiful girl who has lots of friends. She's most likely popular and if she wanted to she could steal your boyfriend.She is funny,kind,rude,cute,and very secretive.
by coolgirl_23 May 13, 2018
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"An attractive girl or woman: especially one that the speaker (a male) is interested in having sexual relations with." origin: upper east side
Sawyer: Damn dude did you see our tour guide's ass.
Alexander: Yeah dude. What a nae.
by Nick Potter December 03, 2014
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"Not an expert"

Commonly used on the /r/askscience subreddit to indicate that the person answering the question is not an expert in the field.
I'm NAE, but...
by UncertainHeisenberg October 14, 2011
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Also known has perfect, Nae is one of the most beautiful, funny, cute and amazing girls you could know. She is the definition of perfect even though she refuses to admit. She is more beautiful than any stars in the sky , She is the reason I’m happy all day , Everytime she texts me is the best part of my day because I get to talk to the most beautiful girl ever. Words can not describe how perfect you are. You are the center of my unvierse.
Man! I wish my girlfriend was as perfect as Nae.
by iTz_oZeR0 September 18, 2018
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Abr. "Never Again Experience" - so as to communicate something classified as being off-limits for the future.
1.) I declared that restaurant NAE after the last time we ate there; we're not going back.

2.) OMG, that guy's hooter was so small, going home with him was so NAE.
by Woman who knows November 14, 2010
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A beautiful girl that is funny nice and a good person to be around nobody takes her seriously but she doesn’t care and is fierce and didn’t let anyone get to her head.She might have gray hairs in her hair but they make her unique and awesome.she had great grades too and can’t dance very well but try’s at everything she does
John : hey
Em: yeah
John:let’s be like a Nae
by Nae sligh September 28, 2017
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