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a purity test created by rice university. yes. im actually being legit. the rice purity test is to test how oure you are, if you have 100. you are very pure and if you get a 0 you are the unholiest of unholy people. i got 100. im not joking.
hey! did you hear? dante from class 4e got a 28 on the rice purity test!
by insxmniac May 20, 2022
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buddy did you really get so bored that you searched up THE ALPHABET on urban dictionary?
or did you just search it up for another reason?
person1: hmmm, what shall i search up?

person2: how about ' abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ' ?
person1: okay!
by insxmniac March 25, 2022
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it's basically when you're expressing your feelings in a bad way.
people usually vent when they're angry or sad
by insxmniac March 25, 2022
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you must be so bored that you pressed shift and swiped 1 part of your keyboard.
i feel you, in fact i got so bored i chose to define this word to tell you how bored i am.
i go so bored i typed in !"£$%^&*()_+
by insxmniac March 25, 2022
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1) an emoticon some people use as an act of being 'cute.'

2) a face someone makes when constipated.
1) oh gosh! i'm so sorry! >_<

2) UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH why so much painn????? >_<
by insxmniac March 29, 2022
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the most cutest name ever. if your name is rae, the award for the best name goes to you :)

also the spelling error of 'are.'
i became rae's best friend

no way, really? you're so lucky!

i know right!
by insxmniac March 29, 2022
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