An large African mammal that can wear up to at very least one thousand necklaces
Bruh do you see that speckled long-necked camel-leopard chimera?

Dude that's a giraffe. You can tell by how many necklaces it could wear
by DidacticDolphin July 10, 2019
The best animal in the world, you shall bow down to the all mighty giraffe or you will meet your demise.
by Giraffe=GOD June 13, 2019
When a girl is getting fucked from behind doggy style and sucking another guys dick. The front guy has a girl in his shoulders who he is eating out. The girl being eaten out is sucking the dick of a man on a ladder who's dick acts like the leaves of a tree. The shape of all the people looks like a giraffe
Noah: did you hear about the giraffe party

Thomas: oh yeah I'm gonna be the tree
Noah: I'm gonna be the neck

Thomas': ah man that's the best part
by Sexy nuts May 18, 2016
A fictional creature created by the government to spread there lies!!!
by Tomotc June 13, 2020
The sexual act of sticking one's entire head and neck into a woman's vagina
Jack: Yeah, I giraffed my girlfriend last night. It was great.
Andy: How could you even breath in there?
by Green Tea Facial Moisturizer October 3, 2011
A blunt that has been laced with some type of syrup, usually liquid hydrocodone. Since small drops of the syrup usually bleed through to the outside of the shell, the blunt becomes spotty, resembling the neck of a giraffe.
Timmy: Yo dog, spark that giraffe!
Mickey: We 'bout to get lifteeddddd!
by the_blunt_burner December 13, 2010