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a blunt way of saying Stupid.

Its always used in random Thought...
If you see your someone doing something out of the ordinary you'd all look at eachother and say "STUPE!!"
by BOOKMAN April 28, 2005
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An individual who is stupid, or has said or done something stupid. This particular definition was made popular by Deathlands, a popular series of post-apocalyptic novels written by James Axler (a pseudonym for novelist Lawrence James).
"Shut the hell up, you stupe!"
by Sid Shuman July 24, 2005
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way of saying you are sucking your teeth when chatting on Instant Messenger.

originated in da caribbean
Nigga A: What up hoe?
Nigga B: Stupes! who da fuck u talkin to nigga!!
by CP October 03, 2004
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One who is really stupid.
One that does dumb things
When someone steps on your sneaker, you say "bounce stupes"
by Munch March 31, 2004
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Derived from the word stupid
From the cult classic "Kids" -a saying of the Casper character.
Can be used to describe an array of situations ranging from "What were you thinking?" to "Damn" and including "That was unbelievable" depending on expression and intonation.
"Did you see that old man kick that drunk cat's ass?"
"Stupes, he deserved that shit."


"Stupes, you crashed my car into a cop!"


"Stiuuupes (read-you're a dumbass)"
by Eric September 10, 2004
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