23 definitions by iTookAHarSHIT

what someone says when they just dont wanna hurt your feelings
by iTookAHarSHIT October 06, 2020
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A stupid bitch who obsesses over Snapchat stories and Chipotle. All girls are the type of people to get into drama over nothing because that's just what females do. They are the type of people to be giggling and talking loudly on the bus about Snapchat stories when it's 7:30 AM and no one has energy for their bullshit. They are also all freeloaders using daddy's money and they probably go to Ulta and Starbucks every day but still have mental breakdowns about how hard life is every now and then.
by iTookAHarSHIT September 28, 2021
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The main character of the most gay ass, annoying ass, worst Nickolodeon show ever. Idk what the hell this show was, and I don't know why the hell I watched it.
You watch Fred Figglehorn? HA, LOSER!
by iTookAHarSHIT September 03, 2020
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A youtube channel whose fan base consists of lonely five year olds, and whose cast consists of bratty, spoiled teens who literally get everything they want, and date multiple people at once.
funnel vision omgggg I date them

wait I do too

by iTookAHarSHIT September 04, 2020
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When you zone out of something that you're supposed to be paying attention to, and start fantasizing that you are in bed, late at night, with the girl of your dreams.
by iTookAHarSHIT September 03, 2020
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The online game that contains two types of people:

1: Lonely people who either get bullied or just cannot make friends who play it to find friends and have fun.

2: Eight year olds who want to go play Adopt Me and get their first boner.
I played ROBLOX for ten hours yesterday.
by iTookAHarSHIT September 03, 2020
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A popular ROBLOX series of games that resemble high school, and attract seven year olds who don't understand that there is a difference between Roblox High Schools and real high schools.
I can't wait to go to school today!
What school?
Roblox High Schools.
by iTookAHarSHIT October 15, 2020
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