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A stupid bitch who obsesses over Snapchat stories and Chipotle. All girls are the type of people to get into drama over nothing because that's just what females do. They are the type of people to be giggling and talking loudly on the bus about Snapchat stories when it's 7:30 AM and no one has energy for their bullshit. They are also all freeloaders using daddy's money and they probably go to Ulta and Starbucks every day but still have mental breakdowns about how hard life is every now and then.
by iTookAHarSHIT September 28, 2021
A plea for help made by Juice WRLD before he passed in this verklempt, beautiful, piece of artwork in his posthumous album, Legends Never Die.
I tossed my pain with my wishes in a Wishing Well
by iTookAHarSHIT September 4, 2020
Shortened form of "Corona" that is used by mostly frustrated people
by iTookAHarSHIT December 4, 2020
Roblox player who has a lot of limited items and played roblox so much that he literally aces every game. He doesn't play anymore but if he did, everyone would want to be with him.
by iTookAHarSHIT October 15, 2020
A popular ROBLOX series of games that resemble high school, and attract seven year olds who don't understand that there is a difference between Roblox High Schools and real high schools.
I can't wait to go to school today!
What school?
Roblox High Schools.
by iTookAHarSHIT October 15, 2020
somehow the most popular game on roblox, because it attracts seven year olds who want to get a boner
by iTookAHarSHIT October 15, 2020