5G is the next iteration of cellular connection. Where 4G runs at below 6Ghz, 5G has a range between 6-90Ghz.

Even though it's perfectly safe, it hasn't stopped Facebook mom's from crying wolf, calling 5G 'ionizing' (even though 5G is over 300,000 times weaker than the lowest ionizing frequency). The idiocy of these people falls right in line with anti-vaxxers and flat earthers. They just really want to feel spechul.

These absolute fucking morons have gone so far as to set cellular masts on fire, not knowing that these masts are also used for phone calls, good luck calling an ambulance boys.
Person 1: "My new phone has 5g"

Karen: "Do yoU KnOw tHat 5G cAuSeS CanCeR???"
by 1997HondaCivic May 8, 2020
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5G is the successor to 4G (LTE). It is known to be much more quick and responsive to touch and movement than its previous bandwidth. Samsung was believed to be the first company to have utilised 5G as a chip set. The bandwidth hasn’t come to the IPhone yet and is expected to come in 2021 to iPhone.
by Ewrgbd June 21, 2020
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5gs is an urban dance done in yonkers ny mosly in roosevelt high school, done while clapping and stomping of fake omars kicks nike air force 1
Krystian trys to impress Jordans hood rat wife Samantha by doing the hood 5gs
by andygotchu March 3, 2008
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A very simple way to earn money in 2021, use only for a 60 year old who looks like a facebook user
Me:"Hey aunty, do you want to protect yourself from the pesky 5g radiation? Get my 5g shield for 100$ only!"
60 year old:"Thanks a lot son! Now I will remain safe from all these telephones the teens use"
by ChiragK2020 May 4, 2021
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Fifth-generation warfare

Conflict in which ethnic chauvinism manifests itself as religious nationalism

Race re-envisioned as religion
5G warfare is a cultural manifestation of the tenet that politics is religion in euphemestic terms.
by sandrashine December 20, 2017
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A woman especially between late twenties and mid thirties in a rush to get married quickly to any man Available to them. Typically this woman wouldn’t take no for an answer and would rush their partners indirectly to marry them quickly.
Emily is a 5G lady bro. She had lots of failed relationships in her past, now she’s looking for any man to marry
by NaijaQk May 6, 2023
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