A term of endearment when one doesn't have a reply to a stupid coment.
Friend 1: you know what else is gross? your face!
Friend 2: ur dumb. want to get some sushi later?
by ¡meh! July 6, 2008
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calling someone dumb to show you don’t care about them and hate them and that their stupidness is overwhelming
damn ur dumb
by john1345king April 23, 2018
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The insult "Ur mom gay", but with a huge upgrade. This insult has enough destructive power to end all reality with a single use. Even God himself cannot withstand this insult. One use and God will be vanished forever.
Bob: Ur mom gay
Phil: Ur dad lesbian
Bob: Ur granny tranny
Phil: Ur grandpap a trap
Bob: Ur sister a mister
Phil: Ur brother a mother
*Nothing happens*
Phil: What?! How are you still alive?!

Bob: Witness my power fool.

*Reality shatters and the universe collapses. God is banished*.
by FullChicken24 March 25, 2018
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Hello u know i got B likewhen ur mother is dumb???
by February 20, 2022
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