16 definitions by hottie

A monstrously huge penis, exceeding at least 12 inches in length. Best covered with baggy blue athletic sweats.
Sally: "I am so fucking sore from last night, and i get around... i mean this shouldn't happen."
Jane: "What did you expect, Ralph sports a Mandingo under those goofy sweats."
by hottie March 10, 2005
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a wonderful song by a wonderful band called phish. You should hear this song, it is better than anything.
"I wheeled around because I didn't hear what you had said, and saw you dancing with Elihu, up on Leemor's bed. I was foggy rather groggy, you helped me to my car, the binding belt enclosing me, a sample in a jar"
by hottie April 16, 2005
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One good lookin/hot guy! the best teacher we could ever have!!!
sauve is hot
by hottie May 08, 2003
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what rove mcmanus (an overrated talk show host in australia with lame jokes) says at the end of every show of 'rove live', which by the way has some very cool and funny guests.
say hi to ur mum for me!
by hottie November 17, 2004
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one of the nicest, hottest guys ever that i want to marry =D
by hottie October 24, 2004
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the best f***ing country in the world. great surf, great climate, great people.
we aussies have funny accents and we speak too fast for americans.
"yeah! i'm an AUSSIE!! carn the crows!"
by hottie May 15, 2005
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