If it's cold today, that's weather. If it's always cold, that's climate.
by lanteigne October 6, 2005
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The prevailing weather conditions of an area.
Holy crap dude the climate is hot here!
by kizzyy April 22, 2011
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Being climatized means you are severely affected by climate change to the point where you develop true fear.
Global warming scares the heck out of Jim. Poor guy, he must be climatized.
by PWS27 May 31, 2017
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Although commonly understood as the current goings on in weather, the 'climate' actually refers to the social situation:

Ie. what we're doing next, where we're going, who's in the situation, or what the vibe or situation is like in the situation your talking about.
This word is usually used in a situation where there isn't much to talk about other than the 'climate'
Cimply put, the climate is the situation
So, what's the climate like at McDonald's

So, what do you think of this climate
What's the climate lookin' like
by situational awareness January 6, 2018
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The exciting twist, action, or event that is shocking and surprising.
by iusedtobegreen May 17, 2011
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Something that is or was extremely cool
Ohh dude, that trick was so climate

I hear that new movie is pretty climate
by Joonas4321 October 10, 2008
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People who sit on streets like npc's and throw stuff at cars and act surprised when they get retaliation
Climate activist: STOP USING OIL!!!!!!!
Gigachad: stfu lmao
by galactica423 September 27, 2023
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