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A monstrously huge penis, exceeding at least 12 inches in length. Best covered with baggy blue athletic sweats.
Sally: "I am so fucking sore from last night, and i get around... i mean this shouldn't happen."
Jane: "What did you expect, Ralph sports a Mandingo under those goofy sweats."
by Hottie March 10, 2005

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Jelly Bracelets look great with every thing... just because they mean something doesnt mean u have 2 do it.... like sure u can if u want but w/e if u dont want 2 then dont....where i come from they mean:
~Red =Kiss
~Purple =Hugg
~Green =Sex Toys
~Clear =what ever girl wants
~Pink =Eat out
~Blue =Blow job
~Black =Sex
~Yellow =Outdoor sex
~Gold =Lap dacne
~White =Make out
~Clear/Sparkles =Head
~Orange =69er
~Glow in the dark =w/e guy wants
~Sliver =Anal
~Glittery =Finger
~Dark blue =Hardcore
~Indigo =Hand job
"Dude last night was the best i got this hott chicks blue bracelet she gives the best Blow jobs ever"
by hottie October 17, 2004

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a wonderful song by a wonderful band called phish. You should hear this song, it is better than anything.
"I wheeled around because I didn't hear what you had said, and saw you dancing with Elihu, up on Leemor's bed. I was foggy rather groggy, you helped me to my car, the binding belt enclosing me, a sample in a jar"
by hottie April 16, 2005

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A very good song by Radiohead, of the OK Computer CD.
Thom Yorke is awesome !
by Hottie March 22, 2004

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the best f***ing country in the world. great surf, great climate, great people.
we aussies have funny accents and we speak too fast for americans.
"yeah! i'm an AUSSIE!! carn the crows!"
by HoTTiE May 15, 2005

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Someone who is a total piece of shit. Derived from General Cornwallis, with obvious modification.
Jason: "You know guys, i've decided that I am a communist."
Bob: "Why?"
Jason: "I don't really know, its really good on paper (isn't that what everyone says??)
Bob: "You fucking turdwallis!"
by Hottie March 10, 2005

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--a guy dorky enough to make up a definition for his name saying hes sweet with the ladies
--calling yourself hot, cool, and "sweet with the ladies"
by hottie February 24, 2005

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