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Dance acne.
The gross feeling you experience when you are at an intense party and you dance for sooo long that you sweat a lot and feel like the next day you will break out in acne. It is not a good feeling but the sign of a great night out / party.
1. dude im so tired. we were dancing all night i got dacne.
2. it was SO sweaty and intense i got dacne. it was just that epic
by heyheyheyy'all August 13, 2009
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Dick acne; prominent in junior and senior boys.
Joia: OMG I'm so mad that Harry Stephenson showed those eighth graders his dacne !!
Joias whore friend: *ive already seen his Dacne but I won't say anything* OMG seriously?!
by Hdhjdjsjskslalkcpapama December 22, 2016
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