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A strange condition that affects only the male species causing them to only call a female with the use of fiber optics ONLY after the SUN sets.
Contrairy to popular belief these types of men cannot be repelled with "crosses" and "garlic", but have been known to be wounded by the usage of soap and water (whether holy or plain). There is question as to whether or not this species is affected by sunlight, due to the fact no one has been able to capture one and find out. Studies have confirmed the fact that when a female recieves a phone call by these types of men they ALL seem to want the SAME thing.

A word commonlly associated with married men, or men who are just "NO DAMN GOOD".
Darnell only seems to call after 11 o'clock at night, I wonder if he has VAMPIRE-ISM.
by hotenuf13 March 31, 2008

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Term used to describe an odor that combines the pungent flavors of pussi with sweaty ass. An aroma associated with people who have multiple folds of skin, or thighs that rub together. The term can also be associted with a female who neglects to clean her Twizzy.
"Dang-this blanket smells like B'Jongay."
by hotenuf13 March 27, 2008

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To exceed the maximum amount of weave products in one's head to the point that the beauty supply is put out of business. Commonlly found amongst females who don't know that 12 bags of kinekolon is really enough. Also associated with females who believe in mixing 2 completely different textures of hair or have been led to believe that mixing braids, AND tracks of YAKI Perm in 1 head is REALLY OK. This does not exclude those females who believe that fingerwaving your "do" into a impossible 10 inch formation is tha "Bomb". Basically any hairdo that causes some oberserver to "Wonder" what tha hell that female was thinking.
Keisha was so proud of her wonderweave combo of braids and tracks, she was thinking bout hittin tha club.
by hotenuf13 March 31, 2008

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When a female has left her tracks or braids in her head so long, the grow out (or the weave) starts to resembe the shag carpet in your grandmothers basement. Does not exclude those females that dont know how to moisturize their weave to prevent "thirsty-ness".
Wanetta assumed that using "pink lotion" would allow her to keep her weave in her head for 6 months and prevent it from lookin like shag carpet.
by hotenuf13 March 31, 2008

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