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The point at which your weave is no longer PHLY, or PHRESH. It is at a point during which your weave is indescribe-able, because it is simply too fantastic. The tracks are laid neatly and phabulously, while coniditioned to the perfect extent. At this point of the weave-ular process, it is necessary to go to Wonderweaves, the best weave shop in town.
by wonderwave2 November 28, 2010
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To exceed the maximum amount of weave products in one's head to the point that the beauty supply is put out of business. Commonlly found amongst females who don't know that 12 bags of kinekolon is really enough. Also associated with females who believe in mixing 2 completely different textures of hair or have been led to believe that mixing braids, AND tracks of YAKI Perm in 1 head is REALLY OK. This does not exclude those females who believe that fingerwaving your "do" into a impossible 10 inch formation is tha "Bomb". Basically any hairdo that causes some oberserver to "Wonder" what tha hell that female was thinking.
Keisha was so proud of her wonderweave combo of braids and tracks, she was thinking bout hittin tha club.
by hotenuf13 March 31, 2008
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