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Verb. Usually as "to primary." To propose a challenger candidate against an incumbent politician during the primary and then do everything you can to insure the neophyte challenger is victorious over the incumbent. Thus, the incumbent becomes a regular citizen again and is free to pursue the rest of his or her political ambitions overtly bought out as a lobbyist or Washington attorney. This is the tool of last resort when a politician no longer represents the interests of his or her constituency, but of a special interest or heavy-hitting contributor that overshadows the will of the people back home.
I promise to primary any politician who votes against Social Security, Medicare, or Veterans' Benefits.
by hot east April 12, 2013
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A person who claims to be an expert and markets him or herself as such, but has no discernable income or prior background being a practitioner in the subject matter they purport to represent. These individuals are usually offered talking points and a buried stipend (read: paid off) by a special interest group, such as a political party or industry lobby then go on to blog or make media appearances promoting their point of view to the detriment of people who are real-life practitioners and subject matter experts.
Andy is a pundit on technology issues but doesn't seem to have any real-world experience doing the things he promotes. Through some digging we can discover he is actually an industry shill.
by hot east August 01, 2012
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A long, thin propane or kerosene-fired heater used by contractors to cure plaster, spackling, or paint in the wintertime. The device is often left turned on overnight producing the illusion that there are flames in the building because of its glow. This results in a number of mistaken 9-1-1 calls for the fire department. Also known as a "torpedo heater" because it somewhat resembles a torpedo.
The caller said she saw flames in the building, but the fire department only found a salamander the contractors left on overnight.
by hot east September 13, 2011
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The former Hudson County, NJ jail, which was located at 578 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City. The jail, Hudson County's second, was rumored to be haunted. It was built in 1914 and torn down in 1995, replaced by a newer facility.
Said to be haunted, the Pavonia Hilton was the center of much lore in Jersey City. Demolition workers told stories of voices and saw people moving out of the corners of their eyes.
by hot east August 03, 2012
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The stages that legendary performer Elvis Presley has gone through.

1) Young Elvis
2) Fat Elvis
3) Dead and Rotting Elvis
Ed, Rick, and Rich went to the Halloween party as the phases of Elvis. Rick was young Elvis, Rich was fat Elvis, and Ed was dead and rotting Elvis.
by hot east February 20, 2009
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A pejorative term used to describe the collective group of uniformed police officers in a given community, often by other public safety professionals who have a rivalry-based relationship. Refers to the polyester uniforms made from recycled plastic six-pack rings worn by many police officers.
Firefighter: Did you see the city gave the cops an 8% pay raise?

Union representative: Yeah, the city always gives in to Polyester when their contract's up.
by hot east February 19, 2009
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A person who learns that he or she has been fired, laid-off, or otherwise eliminated from employment by virtue of an email or memo detailing how great their service to the company has been.
Joe learned that he had become an hero when the big boss sent everyone an email thanking him for the great job he'd done for the company and wishing him well on his future endeavors.
by hot east August 01, 2012
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