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The part of the country where Elvis comes from. These territories are known for neocons, white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, and family values and a lack of a progressive economy where the new jobs created are at Walmart, thus making people dependent on religion and alcohol to explain their personal failures. Also known as fly over state, red state, or Dumbfuckistan. Generally where neckbeards and republicans live, and squirrel hunting is a primary source of dinner for most people who can't afford to feed their family, but must live within their means. Akin to death for people who have lived in more progressive areas.
The feds put Sammy in witness protection and sent him to live in Elvis country. He used to be the king of New York, now they got him stocking shelves in Walmart.
by hot east December 22, 2008
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The former Hudson County, NJ jail, which was located at 578 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City. The jail, Hudson County's second, was rumored to be haunted. It was built in 1914 and torn down in 1995, replaced by a newer facility.
Said to be haunted, the Pavonia Hilton was the center of much lore in Jersey City. Demolition workers told stories of voices and saw people moving out of the corners of their eyes.
by hot east August 3, 2012
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A general term used to indicate someone attempting to take advantage of someone else or play them in a scam, be it something simple, like beating one to a parking space, or complex, like criminal fraud.

Past tense: got over on

Not to be confused with "get over" oneself spoken to a pretentious person.
Your boss is trying to get over on you. He just took that report you spent three months writing, erased your name and put his on it. Looks like he'll get a big bonus for it.

My former tenants really got over on me. They stopped paying rent, so I had to take them to court and evict them. It took months and cost me tens of thousands of dollars in lost rent, hiring a lawyer, and repairing the damage they caused. Meantime they lived in a three bedroom house for only two months' rent.
by hot east December 29, 2012
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A dated pejorative slang term denoting Chinese origin. The term has largely been forgotten by political correctness and awareness of global peoples, but has resurfaced to describe consumer items and articles manufactured in China. These items are of poor or inferior quality or considered to be disposable - particularly when those items replaced higher quality items or ones with greater expectation of longevity. History shows that manufacture of these items may employ practices banned in or deemed hazardous by other nations, for example, adding melamine, an adulterant which may be poisonous to certain individuals or in certain concentrations, in order to fraudulently increase the protein levels of foods, or painting toys with lead-based paint.

These items are imported to the detriment of domestic workers and domestically produced items. Retailers and corporations counter that domestically produced materials would be significantly more expensive and that consumers would be unwilling to pay the cost differential, thereby harming their profit margins.
I wish I could go to the store and buy goods that aren't Chinkie garbage.
by hot east October 16, 2010
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To extensively modify an electronic device to perform something it was not originally designed to do, usually using blue wire-wrap wire and external components that were not an original part of the equipment being modified. The result is often overtly ugly and has the appearance of being an afterthought.

The need to bluewire a solution is usually in response to a salesperson providing a marginally-performing, lower-cost item for a specific purpose it was not intended to perform, but marking up the cost to a par with a higher-cost item so that a sales margin could be met.
The transmitter did not work as the customer expeced, so the service technician had to bluewire it so it could do what was needed.
by hot east May 25, 2008
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The shenanigans that corporations play with disingenuous politicians, which place them in a higher position than the politician's individual constituents. These shenanigans may include contributions, lobbying, influence peddling, manipulation of regulatory environments, strong-arming, or other techniques, not unlike those of organized crime, but legitimized by a corporate presence, employed to create a favorable environment for the corporation and its shareholders mostly to the detriment of the individual constituents within the district served and the corporation's stakeholders. Often corporo-political jackassery exploits weak-minded people who respond to buzzwords and grossly oversimplified skeletal concepts they don't understand with militant activism in defense of the buzzword, despite the obvious detriment to the individual; i.e., "Obamacare."
A number of protections were enacted following the Great Depression to prevent our economy from tanking, however thanks to decades of corporo-political jackassery, most were deregulated and Wall Street was alloiwed to police itself. The end product left the U.S. with massive foreclosures, layoffs, and an exodus of industry which further eroded the middle class.
by hot east February 20, 2011
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A radio code used by some urban public safety agencies as a professional sounding abbreviation for coffee, milk, no sugar. Intended to make a coffee run sound official and important.
"East 2, return to quarters. Make a stop on the way, 3 MNS."
by hot east January 6, 2010
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