28 definitions by hizzo

raging sex; two people having sex while being extremely pissed off.
I had angry sex last night and I think it left scars
by hizzo February 28, 2004
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A hair style in which the remaining hair upon a bald man's head is "combed over" the bald head giving the appearance of a full head of hair and thus more confidence.
Comb-overs = fetish fantasy
by hizzo December 22, 2003
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The best suffix for anything that is extreme.
Deathfest, ragefest, suckfest, sexfest, gayfest, idiotfest, assholefest, fuckmefest. You get the point.
by hizzo April 16, 2004
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penis --- Derived from spanish "pene"
Dude, no more penay here.
by hizzo February 26, 2003
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1: Oh, hola amigo, tu tienes no pene!
2: I dont speak spanish
1: Thats good because right now you would want to kill me!
by hizzo April 11, 2003
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Idiotic individual.
Derived from fag.
Get away you phage!
by hizzo February 26, 2003
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