Another example of the Americans mangling the English language. Should be:- Diarrhoea.

As stated above, liquid shits.

'Sorry Lord Puttnam, I can't make it to the Oscars. I've got diarreah.'

'No you haven't, my dear. You've got diarrhoea.'

'Oh... that's ok then. I'll be there at 7.'
by Albert Woods September 11, 2007
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An intense case of diarreah where one's anal hole is very similar to a Mt. Everest eruption (accompanied by heavy sweating, breathing complications, sweaty palms, fiery crap explosions, and praying to God for salvation.
I'm going to call in sick with violent diarreah. My boss never questions it....
by Louiez May 2, 2006
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What Vanessa has.

when she breathes it smells like baby poo, Mustard, car oil, pickles, and ginger!

alisha knows the feeling of sitting next to her.
When we sit in church me and alisha can smell vanessas diarreah breath.
by A--afjsdaklfas; November 29, 2009
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Person 1: CSI was pretty good. Should i start watching CSI:Miami aswell?
Person 2: sure, if you want to have visual diarreah.
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It's where you take eating ass to a whole other level. You eat peoples shit. Ex. 2 girls 1 cup
OMG. Cheryl gave me the best diarreah porn of my life! Wtf is wrong with me have I sinned past the point of return oh please god help I am dying on the bathroom floor my mom overdosed on Haribo Sugarfree Gummy Bears Andy dads left town all i have left is Cheryl's turds
by Cheryl's Boyfriend November 19, 2019
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