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in the spirit of GFE and RTFM, FWI means "fucking wiki it". when someone implores you to explain something to them instead of going to wikipedia to look it up for themselves.
"dude. what is 'yule' anyway?"
"FWI. don't waste my time."
by heterodox December 21, 2006
The act of obviously searching for more complex words to use in one's speech when more simple words will do just fine, and in most cases, work out better.
"We encountered the uhhhhh perpetrator as he attempted to evacuate the uhhhh edifice. He then utilized the egress and proceeded to uhhhhh abscond with the uhhhhh victim's paraphernalia."

hey, why don't you just say "we saw the guy that did it as he left the building with the other guy's stuff?"

because then people won't think i'm smarter than i am.

ahhh, State Trooper Syndrome then?
by heterodox August 17, 2011
i was on the interweb and this guy was all talkin' about people being 'gun ho'. which is odd. because no one says that.
by heterodox October 9, 2006
wiki fucking exists. similare to GFE
"hey, what's 'yule' anyway?"
"dude. WFE. stfu."
by heterodox December 21, 2006
common response, said very quickly as if it were one word, to any question or statement that comes across as incoherent.
"hey, did you take the yeah for a few?"
by heterodox March 3, 2005
American-Born Confused Desi.

An originally derogatory term, now sometimes embraced in much the same way other racial epithets have been. However, ABCD is generally used by NRIs to describe desis that have "abandoned" their heritage and assimilated into American culture, and are therefore "confused".
'American Desi' is a film which describes the difficulties of an ABCD who encounters NRIs when he goes away to college.
by heterodox August 21, 2006
yet another euphemism for the outer vaginal region of the female. i.e. pussy, vaj, etc.

the term comes from the color and shape of the skin around the labia, which forms into a pink taco shape.
"dude, i've been callin' pussies 'bubble gum taco' since waaaay before some cat named CJ..."
by heterodox November 5, 2005