Facebooking while intoxicated.
Forgetting the fact that every friend can see your comments and that you can edit the comment that was just posted.
Dude 1: The company is going in the shitter. We need to sell our assets before the employees find out.
Dude 2: Ok, but all our facebook friends now know. That's what you get for FWI.

by No1Special October 04, 2008
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in the spirit of GFE and RTFM, FWI means "fucking wiki it". when someone implores you to explain something to them instead of going to wikipedia to look it up for themselves.
"dude. what is 'yule' anyway?"
"FWI. don't waste my time."
by heterodox December 21, 2006
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Fucking While Intoxicated.

Getting drunk off your ass leads to lowered inhibitions... and sometimes, waking up next to an ugly beast in the morning.
John couldn't get a date, so he hung out in the bar and drank... and drank... and drank, and then left with the first person who said yes. When he went back to school on Monday morning, he was the laughing stock, and his classmates charged him with FWI.
by Jason L. August 25, 2007
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