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A young Norwegian boy who is seriusly scary when he plays DDR. He is ranked 3rd best in Europe (according to DDREurope.com).
by havok September 30, 2004
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Mai Act Virgin King - used to describe someone who acts like he's all innocent when he's actually the dirtiest bastard around
A: I would never do a one night stand
B: MAVK lah!
by havok March 21, 2005
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Key lime. Infatuation that shouldn't exist.
Key lime Pie. Indulge and I am in your debt.
Key lime pie. Inspire me with foolish love.
Key lime pie, your green filling makes me inept.

Flaky crust is what I lust. Your fresh lime scent is a must.
Take me with coffee, never with tea. You're the pie that pleases me!
People gawk "Is that pie green?" Ask for a bite - "Fuck you, I'm mean."

Key lime pie - cheapest hooker I've ever had.
Key lime pie. Last slice gleaming, if you're out I'm mad.
Key lime pie. Poke fun and laugh and jest.
Key lime pie. Don't bother me, digest
key lime pie.
by havok January 17, 2004
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Comes from the two names "Sasuke" and "Naruto". Naruto is a Japanese anime. Two of the main characters (Sasuke and Naruto) is regarded by many fans to be a great couple. Seeing as they both have so much sexual tension between them.
Does anyone have any Sasunaru pictures?
by havok September 30, 2004
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Slang for Pedophile Xtrordinare. Term used about punk tricks who nail 12 year olds named sara.
Px is a momo.
by havok March 4, 2003
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describing the deep purring noise a feline makes when it is sleeping.

Word was discovered while young Ben was attempting to use his sleeping housecat as a pillow and was astounded at the noise it made at him.
Ben said,"Mommy, the cat was grangling at me!"
by havok March 28, 2005
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came from the computer game Sango Fighter from the character Xia Hou Dun. It was originally used as an exclamation or acknowledgement of sorts, but has been gradually progressed to mean anything. It can be a verb, noun, or adjective. If you're at a loss of words, just replace whatever you wanted to say with "hor hor hor"

can be shortened to "horhor"
A: (some random comment)
B: hor hor hor!
by havok March 21, 2005
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