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9.50am/pm is known as Cowboy Time, because if you say 'ten to ten' repeatedly, it sounds like a galloping horse - 'ten to ten to ten to ten to ten to ten to ten' etc.
Chap 1: "What time is it?"

Chap 2: "Ten to ten."

Chap 1: "Cowboy Time!"
by happynoj March 16, 2010
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The bits of animals that they couldn't sell as real meat, which subsequently end up in other products which claim to contain meat (although no one can actually tell you what kind of meat they're supposed to be), e.g. doner kebabs, hot dogs, McNuggets, etc.
Dude 1 - "I don't believe you're eating that Doner. You know what those things are made of?"

Dude 2 - "Nope."

Dude 1 - "Lips and arseholes!"
by happynoj March 04, 2010
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Literally 'without testicles'. Used to either state that something doesn't have any testicles, or to imply cowardice (i.e. doesn't have any balls).
"I think that's a chick with a dick..."
"No way! She is testicless."

"I can't jump off that!"
"You are testicless."
by happynoj March 06, 2009
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The lottery that every first-year university student is entered into when they are randomly assigned flatmates for their first year of accomodation.
Dude, I totally won the Fresher's Lottery! Check out my smoking hot new flatmate!
by happynoj January 29, 2010
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SBE - Selection By Erection.

This is a quick and easy process for choosing new female members of staff, based on their physical attractiveness. When they bring in their CVs, you write a score out of 10 at the top of the CV. This is their SBE score. It is a handy reference guide when choosing who to call back.
"Dude, call the girl with the 8.5 SBE from last week!"
by happynoj September 13, 2011
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Fishy Odour Syndrome - when someone's genitals smell of fish.
"OMG, that girl I took home last night had a severe case of FOS. I had to fake vomiting and get out of there fast."
by happynoj March 16, 2010
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Slang for Coca Cola (Coke).
Yo Freda, get me a cold Colombian while you're in the fridge!
by happynoj February 06, 2010
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