Jaq: oh my god did u hear tht Georgina ran naked in the halways just to make sure everyone knows that she got fake titties
Rebecca: she is such an SBE
by chaemy August 10, 2018
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Stop Being Emo (s.b.e.)- it implies that the reciever of this is being gay, or annoying.
Bob- "You need to GTFU!"
Steve- "s.b.e."
by Cris Davis April 25, 2007
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You can add SBE or #SBE on your posts to let people know that English is not your first language.
by zeroinf August 11, 2015
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Acronymn for Suicide Before Entry- a term used to describe a female and her perceived eligibility.

More extreme versions of an SBE include GBE (Genocide Before Entry)
A: Did you see that girl Sophie that Dawood pulled the other night?
B: Nah, what was she like?
A: My God, she was an SBE!
B: uuurgh hahaha
by northernsaint January 09, 2009
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SBE - Selection By Erection.

This is a quick and easy process for choosing new female members of staff, based on their physical attractiveness. When they bring in their CVs, you write a score out of 10 at the top of the CV. This is their SBE score. It is a handy reference guide when choosing who to call back.
"Dude, call the girl with the 8.5 SBE from last week!"
by happynoj September 13, 2011
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