The smell of a teenager who has just started their period or for boys who is growing pubic hair
'' That weirdo over there has such a bad odour'' YUCK
by Hannacutebanana November 27, 2019

A term people use in games like Roblox : Someone who is thirstyfor someone of the opposite sex (does not apply to gays,lesbians and some bisexuals)
The actual word: A smell, mostly an very disgusting nasty smell.
XxIsabellaRock11Xx: 123 2 d8
Rockydan: 123
XxIsabellaRock11Xx: Yey
/EmiliaAva\ : Oh my gosh, Isabella is such an odour
{CocoMia}: I know right? She is always getting new boyfriends its so stupid

Jack: *sniff sniff* Ewwww it smells horrible here
Jayden: I don't smell any- aug it smells like crap
by MadielynnWhat? June 2, 2017
Cruth or crotch odour is very similar to body odour also known as b.o. but concentrated mainly on the genetalia of either male or female.
Girl: fancy a shag?
Boy: fuck off, you've got crutch odour, go and wash your cunt!
by Shell555 January 3, 2007
The way you smell after laying in a tanning bed that hasn't been cleaned. Essentially, you smell like the BO of every person who used the bed before you! Good reason to clean out the tanning bed before using it.
What the? I had a shower this morning, but now I have this funny smell. Oh my God! I forgot to clean out the tanning bed. I smell like that big fat guy. Ewww.
by Mr. Defn May 20, 2004
What the old homeless man on the public buss smells like.
Hey, Bob, that guy has awful body odour. He must me homeless.
by bleeblee June 1, 2006
A word that describes someone who smells bad.
Boy: You're so low odour.

Girl: I don't smell bad!
by Jacobrussell March 9, 2018
1. A gas, which although may remind the smeller of a landfill, pig farm, sewerage works or rotting meat, actually has its origins in a person/persons or animal(s) anus.

2. A technical description for a fart.
by itsjames November 19, 2010