31 definition by hahaha

some idiot who belongs to this site, and thinks he is a smart ass who can just make fun of people with ADD and ADHD, and call them retards.
The rectum ripper is acctually a retard himself.
by hahaha February 13, 2005

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A word used to describe bafflement
Henry: Jeffry, that woman you are marrying has a penis

Jeffry: I'm confused!!!
by hahaha July 22, 2003

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short person, with a fat ass, and waddles...
Look at the Jahla going by...
by Hahaha April 01, 2003

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meaning to have extremly large boobs
my talanas are so big that it hurts my back to carry them
by hahaha February 09, 2003

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The word lions use for tits
Grrrrittss grrr grrr
by hahaha July 22, 2003

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v. To refer to getting high via marijuana.

A derivative of getting googley eyed.
Guy 1: Wanna get googled after class?

Guy 2: Yeah you're damn right I do guy.
by hahaha December 30, 2004

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A head, usually cut off a chicken, which is kept on your mantle piece
nice chickenhead bob!
by hahaha July 22, 2003

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