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short person, with a fat ass, and waddles...
Look at the Jahla going by...
by hahaha April 1, 2003
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foxcroft girls are very classy girls, that have nice clothes and are usally really hot !! Maderia girls wish they could be like them and get pissed off because the guys wait for foxcroft girls to show up at a mixer!! also you can tell a foxcroft girl when you see one !!
wfs guy -wow look at her
other guy- ya she is a foxcroft girl
good luck you get one of them and your a lucky guy
by hahaha November 27, 2004
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v. To refer to getting high via marijuana.

A derivative of getting googley eyed.
Guy 1: Wanna get googled after class?

Guy 2: Yeah you're damn right I do guy.
by hahaha December 30, 2005
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one who liiks up urbandictonary.com on urbandictonary.com
ur an idiot for being dum
by hahaha February 9, 2005
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An insult to tell some you don't beleive what they are saying.
In other words, the thing they are saying is so unbelievable that you tell them to spread butter on your arse.
Man 1 - Geoffry, i'm gay.
Geoffry - Oh, butter my arse
by hahaha July 22, 2003
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