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An idea stolen by the government from the people who ran them illegally. Many states send a percentage of lottery revenue to the public school system.
People are going to play the lottery whether is it legal on not, so why not let the government control it?
In Texas, 30% of revenue is reserved for public schools while only 7% goes to the lottery commission.
by guided fox April 03, 2005
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City in Texas, home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Known for it's incredible lack of trees, water and hills, as well as it's insane mass of dust, wind, and trucks.
Lubbock is a great place to live, but you wouldn't want to visit...
In Lubbock, you could watch your dog run away for three days...
by guided fox May 02, 2004
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Mean Time Between Failure
Way to quantify the performance of a machine or part.
MTBF = (Total Time of all Parts run) / (Total number of failures)
Good if all parts fail.
Bad if very few of the parts fail. It is very deceptive in this case.
A hypothetical machine generally runs between 60 and 100 hours before failing.

If you run 3 of them for a total of 240 hours, and all 3 fail, you have a MTBF of 80 hours per failure. Makes sense.

If you run 100 of them in an application where the job is complete after 50 hours, at which point you don't run it again, it is possible that only 10 or so will fail. MTBF could be about (90*50 + 10*25) / (10) = 475 hours per failure. This is insane, since you would be lucky if a single tool made it to 200 hours or continuous operation.
by guided fox July 07, 2006
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The number 1 best place for a black in the United States to start a business.
Too many white people have too negative a view of Detroit.
by guided fox February 22, 2005
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City name.

In modern times accounts for cites in Michigan, New York, Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, and Montana (in order of importance as determined by Google).

From the 3rd millennium BC to around the 4th century AD, it refers to a series of 9 cities overlaid on top of each other in what is now western Turkey.
Troy, MI is the 2nd largest city in the state based on total property value (Detroit is #1)

Troy VII is most likely the city refered to in Homer's Iliad.
by guided fox July 04, 2005
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Original English Language Manga
Since "Manga" implies a Japanese Author/Artist/Audience, the phrase "OEL Manga" was created to accurately describe a genre of Comics. It is drawn in a style of Manga by an English speaking individual for an English speaking audience. It is not a fan work of other English of Japanese comics.
Megatokyo is an excelent example of OEL Manga
by guided fox November 02, 2005
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