used in sentences to diss someone and make them feel dumb as hell in a smart ass kind of way, read the example and learn
Mike: yo that jacket is tizz-ight
Me: how does it feel your gonna shut the fuck up

Bob:dude your car is ugly
Me: how does it feel your face is ugly?
by Jizz-osh January 15, 2005
*When a European looks in on the U.S and her internal fighting against political parties and ask.."

Euro: How does it feel to fight for a dying republic?

Any Patriot, U.S Nationalist, or Veteran: Euphoric
by Savagebacon06 June 23, 2021
asking someone how their butt feels is equivalent to telling someone they are extremely anal
person 1: bro i got a 2070 on the SAT. FAILED IT
person 2: bro stfu how does your butt feel?
person 1: what? i dont have anal sex
person 2: no dumbass, stop being anal about the SAT dick.
by PINGCHONG February 11, 2011