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Beautiful with a great personality, this person will make your heart melt.
I love my Suzy till the day I die
by gretchen December 17, 2004

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A woman who knows better than to do something, but does it anyway.
That heffa wore my shirt after I specifically told the heffa NO!
by Gretchen March 21, 2003

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1.This party is jumpin!

2. Some one started a fire on the roof.
by Gretchen March 26, 2003

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A fantastic person! Kind, generous, friendly, gorgeous, sexy, intelligent... and that's her bad qualities! :-D She is the most beautiful person in the world. She is very funny, sometimes strange but it's sweet.A girl who makes life worthwile who its so easy to fall in love with you wonder why not everyone does, a girl whose so beautiful you can't take your eyes of her with out missing her and thinking about her every second of everyday. A goddess who makes it seem like there isn't a need for anyone else. A girl who makes you feel like everything is gonna be alright.The most amazing girl ever to live. One that is constantly on your mind now matter how hard you try not to think of her. One for whom it is worth enduring the pain of being so far away for so long just for one glimps of her.Incredibly wacky, kind, sarcastic, and fun to be with.
Aphrodite is my best friend, Kristin. You're stuck with that bitch Amber. HAHAHA! I BET YOU WISH THAT YOU HAD A BEST FRIEND LIKE APHRODITE NOW!
by Gretchen May 27, 2004

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1. You are going to kick someone's butt.

2. We are going to party hard.

3. Essencially getting something started.

1. Oh, you want to hang up in my face? Its on and crackin!

2. After I get off work, I am going to the liquor bank and it is on and crackin.
by Gretchen March 26, 2003

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1. Why has it taken us so long to do this? Lets do it now!
Man, we have been together forever, lets just get married and do the damn thang.
by Gretchen March 26, 2003

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Someone who is super awesome or super retarded!
-Wut up mother fletcher!
-Man your such a mother fletcher!
by Gretchen August 31, 2003

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