28 definitions by gregg

Fish, usually pollock or similar, or a mixture, processed to resemble crab meat, but cannot be legally called crab (i.e. imitation crab).
I'll take one of those krab cakes, please.
by gregg February 10, 2004
Extreme horniness. An unquenchable need for some pussy.
Hey Susuan, I hate to phone you up this late but I've got a bad case of beaver fever.
by gregg July 13, 2003
A disappointing gift bag that often contains cheap tupperware, nerf balls, and plastic bags. This is the reward one gets for volunteering.
This Tag Sale sucks, all we got was this stupid baddie bag for helping out.
by gregg November 12, 2004
A word combination used to describe a higher level of content for a situation at hand.
Bill: Dude, I won the lottery today
John: coolawsome!
by gregg January 15, 2005