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Kevin Bacon Alert - when a fool on the dance floor resembles Kevin Bacon in his Footloose years and really thinks he can dance but is usually just high. Often displayed by a feverish whipping of the head from side to side and an off-beat pounding of the feet and flailing arms. They always come out during good songs and always levitate towards the good dancers, ruining everything.

-Super KBA - all of the above with a shirtless guy.
All the guys and gals are dancing it up an the floor to some cool jamz when some fool starts clearing the dance floor because people are trying to get away from his ass disgusted at the horrible display. You yell to your unsuspecting crew who might have their reputations and image damaged for life, "KBA, KBA!!" so they can get the fuck out of the way of these stoned retards.
by the_big_mcattack March 27, 2009
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Generally some loser who's name starts with or is Scott. Spends most of their time troubleshooting AOL connections (WHO KNOWS WHY?!?) This type of person's main goal in life is to find their sexual orientation!
by Gregg March 27, 2004
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