269 definition by greg

a car that pussies talk shit about can't even leave their name. oh yea! it's motor also won the Int'l engine of the year. don't think your shit did that?
by Greg September 15, 2003

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1. (n.) Member of a group who has extremely high tolerance with regards to alcohol and rarely succumbs to vomiting. The boozehound is a frequent drinker who is able to consume large quantities while still maintaining social competency. Typically, boozehounds receive the admiration of others for this special talent; however, as a result of this tolerance, the boozehound must develop a fondness for beast. Hobbies include beer pong, shot checkers, and power hour.

2. (n.) He who holds the "drinking title".
“Ah man, I really wish the boozehound was here to party with us tonight.”
- “Yeah, I know what you mean. But hey, without him here, we finally have some beer to drink for once.”

“Hey boozehound, how many beers is that for you?”
- “Oh, that’s about my 47th.”
by Greg March 25, 2005

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An insult or name used to describe one who behaves like a douche bag, asshole, or jerk.
1. That guy just tripped me! What a dick bag!

2. Kyle Rudolph
by Greg June 23, 2004

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Theoretical method of faster than light travel, made popular through use in many science fiction texts including Stargate. Describes a subspace 'tunnel' created between two points in space that dramatically reduces the time required to travel between them. While potentially plausible under some scientific theories including relativity, there's no way to know if wormholes actually exist, or can be created.
Captain Kirk flew his spaceship into the wormhole.
by Greg May 01, 2004

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Very interesting series of fantasy novels. Based in the world of Krynn, Elves, Dwarves and Humans are merely the beginnings of the fun. With great authors, this series has evolved into a fiction of it's own.
Truely a great read.
by Greg April 13, 2004

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Talentless piece of shite, actually believes he's a good producer or whatever eventhough he fails to understand he's where he is only thanks to daddy's money. It's more of an occupation than a real vocation.
Too fat, probably from stuffing his face with too many rich foods.
The definition of a meaningless life : due to his father's achievements he will continue to live off his money like a spoilt brat all his life...and probably get fatter in the process.
"Stop playing Jack Osbourne, and start getting serious" meaning stop lying around the house like a fat slob, living off someone else's money and get a job you pathetic cunt.
by greg March 19, 2005

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Any type of whiskey with a brown hue, ie. scotch, bourbon, canadian, etc.
"What would you like to drink?", "I'll have a brown."
by greg December 15, 2003

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