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slow witted, slow thinking, slow moving...
He glacierly processed his thoughts and eventually offered a response.
by granolathug October 29, 2017

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now in possession
When casually grabbing something on the way out; the quantity taken was much more than the gestured or "implied" small amount.
A sneaky-snack or grabbing and hiding of what was not offered... the fine line of theft.
Oh, I'll just get a lil nip of that while it's warm.
Obviously someone's nip this bag!
You have nipall over your face and nip wrappers bulging outta your pockets! Don't tell me you're on a diet! Nipasarus Rex!
by granolathug January 12, 2017

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la'dee'dah , A fun and french sounding euphemism for “making whoopee.” A family term that's safe and vague enough yet understood that its a romantic time for adults.
Let's fast forward or skip through this part of the movie, I thinks it's gettin' to the part for la'dee'dah.
by granolathug March 20, 2017

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When one (or a group) brake out in a choreographed dance to pass off an onslaught of flatulence — i.e., A surprise dance fart.
We went out to dinner on our double date then, hit the club and the two of them flash flatched us!
by granolathug June 05, 2018

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One who is Vegan or Vegitarian, who is focused on helping the environment and animal rights. He or She may have a passion that is emotionaly charged and may express the information sharred with aggression or frustraton... especially topics of animal cruelty. A granolathug most often dresses in black
"Theres a Granolathug picking up litter on their way to drum circle..."
That granolathug gave me information like an angry treehugger.
by granolathug January 24, 2017

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