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A long-standing system of internet bulletin-boards divided by topic into "newsgroups". Unlike other forms of online communities, Usenet groups are usually accessed by email client or newsreader program rather than an internet provider. Although internet providers and news servers can block access to potentially illegal newsgroups and assign moderators, the Usenet environment is generally a self-controlling anarchy. Although its dated system of message posting limits file size and prevents the easy transfer of large files such as software and videos, it's an easy way to amass a gargantuan collection of pornographic pictures.
My girlfriend cheated on me, so I posted all her naked pictures on Usenet. You can find her on

by gooberliberation December 19, 2005
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MiG is the design initials for Mikoyan(formerly Mikoyan-Gurevich), a Russian design Bureau-turned-manufacturer. Founded in 1938 by Artem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich, MiG primarily designs fighter aircraft for soviet/russian service. MiG made some pretty good fighters in WW2 but really became legendary during the Korean War with the MiG-15, which was at least equal with the best of contemporary western fighters. After the vietnam war, however, MiGs have been consistently whooped by American fighters such as the F-15. However, this is probably due to the fact that most MiGs involved in wars since the 1970s were downgraded export models flown by poorly trained pilots.

During the Cold War, MiG fighters were the types that American fighters were designed against, due to the fact that dozens of countries around the eastern bloc and third world used the type. "MiG Diplomacy" was a coin termed to describe the Soviet practice of giving newly formed countries a gift of MiG fighters. All production MiG fighters have odd-numbered designations, because stalin said so back in the 1950s. Stalin's long dead, but MiG keeps up the tradition.

Since the 1990s, MiG hasn't seemed to be doing much, thanks to economic hard times in russia and having the spotlight stolen by the well-connected Sukhoi corporation. Nonetheless, MiG managed to pop out the weird looking but kickass MiG-1.44 prototype, as well as several upgraded Fulcrums.
MiG fighters include the
MiG-15(a nasty shock to the USAF in Korea)
MiG-17(an even more embarassing shock to the USAF and USN in vietnam)
MiG-21(the most produced jet fighter ever)
MiG-25(Superfast mystery plane)
MiG-29(A good airplane... thats gotten its ass kicked in every war its seen)
by gooberliberation January 01, 2006
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Translates from German into "Ghost Driver;" a driver who drives on the wrong direction on an autobahn, often with headlights turned off at night. Usually a drunk driver but can also be a thrill seeker, suicide attempt, or horrendous driver error.
My travel agent warned me about Geister Fahrers before I rented a car.
by gooberliberation March 22, 2006
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75% of late model Toyota Corollas(many Camrys too) have a huge superficial dent in the rear bumper, consistent with backing into a post.

Although such dents are common among cars with new drivers(who often drive corollas), it might as well be a factory option.
Thank goodness I already have a Corolla Dent! Now I won't feel so bad when I bang up my car for the first time.
by gooberliberation March 18, 2006
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A rather brutal and secretive group of prison gangs in South Africa. Number gangs have numbers instead of names, and typically have millitary-style hierarchy, extensive tattoos, strict internal laws, and require violence against prison staff for initiation. The 28 Gang also has a system for distributing sex between new recruits and established members. Recently featured on a BBC documentary.
Numbers gangs include the 26s, 27s, 28s, etc...
by gooberliberation March 12, 2006
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The Eurofighter Typhoon, also known as the EF-2000 and EFA, is a new(as of 2005) multirole jet fighter made by Eurofighter GmbH, a conglomeration of British, Spanish, German, and Italian aerospace companies. Like most modern fighters of the 1990s, the Eurofighter is the result of a painfully long development period dating back to the early 1970s and is just now entering service.

The Typhoon features a delta wing with canards(a rather trendy arrangment), a chin-mounted air intake, a funky looking bulbous canopy, and a fucking huge tailfin. Despite the fact that the Eurofighter currently lacks thrust vectoring, its pretty damn manouverable. Its also supercruise capable. Compared to new American and Russian fighters, it doesn't appear to be stealthy.
Sure, the Eurofighter is probably pretty kickass, but I'll bet an F-22 would still own it. Not that i like the Raptor too much either, long live the Tomcat!
by gooberliberation January 01, 2006
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Something that the world needs that's decades overdue and would be fucking awesome should it ever happen...but probably wont due various reasons. Examples include:

1. DUH! Democracy in Red China. Every time they seem to make progress, shit like big mama(commie internet censorship system) and tienamen square happen.

2. That one Eponymous Guns N' Roses album that Axl has been working on for like twenty years.

In hindsight, probably the absolute most (unintentionally?) genius album title ever.
What do ya figure will happen first? Actual chinese democracy or a new GNR album?
by gooberliberation September 08, 2006
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