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Oddly enough, sukhoi also means "dry" in Russian. I wouldn't be surprised if it has Central Asian roots (digressing).
The desert is sukhoi. What, it's not like I can just type in Cyrillic...
by Jog on... July 10, 2008
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Sukhoi OKB is a Russian aircraft design bureau-turned corporation based in Moscow. It was started in 1939 by Pavel Sukhoi, but didnt really make a mark until the cold war. Up until the 1970s, most sukhoi aircraft were ugly as hell and unremarkable performers that were also cheap, easy to maintain, and pretty rugged. Currently Sukhoi pretty much dominates the Russian Fighter craft industry, with their Su-27"Flanker" and all its countless derivatives. It also helps that Sukhoi corp has pretty heavy political connections. Theyre expected to produce a new fighter called the PAK-FA for Russia and India in the next few years.
Sukhoi aircraft include the
Su-7 Fitter
Su-24 Fencer
Su-25 Frogfoot
Su-27 Flanker
Su-37 Terminator
Su-47 Berkut
by gooberliberation January 01, 2006
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