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Literally "storm bird" in Russian. Short for Bronirovannyi Shturmovik(Armored Attack Aircraft: storm bird).

"Shturmovik" is a generic term for heavily-armored attack aircraft in Soviet service. The most famous of which is the legendary Ilyushin Il-2, a flying tank from WW2.

Although the Soviets pioneered the concept of armored anti-tank aircraft, Sturmovik development fizzled out for most of the cold war, when they focused on fast fighter-bombers like the MiG-27. Eventually, the concept was reborn when the Sukhoi Su-25 entered service in the 1980s.
Examples of shturmovik-type aircraft
Ilyushin Il-2
Sukhoi Su-2

Although not Russian of origin:
A-10 warthog
Henschel Hs 129
by gooberliberation April 17, 2006
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