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1. Very Good

2. Intraveinously inject
1. You'll do a BANG UP job of destroying the evidence by setting it on fire

2. I love spinace so much i'm gonna get some and BANG it UP
by POPEYE August 12, 2003
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Primarily used in Britain.
1. To lock up in prison. 2. To inject an illegal drug.
Jon: Did you hear, they are gonna bang up Tom today.
by Moncole Man October 30, 2011
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Perhaps exclusively used in Great Britain.

Refers to the period in which a prison inmate is confined to their cell, such as during nighttime hours.

Can also be used for a more specific personal restriction of movement - e.g: solitary confinement.

Often used by former inmates outside of the context of prison to refer to a curfew or restriction of movement in a residence. For example, a hostel for vulnerably housed people might apply a curfew at 9pm, which may appear to draw a parallel with the prison curfew system.

When used by someone outside of the prison system, it can far more generally refer to any time spent in prison at all.
β€œMeet me tomorrow, first thing after bang up!”

β€œWhat time is bang up?”

β€œFeels good to be back on the wing. I had 3 days in bang up.”

β€œIt’s just like prison in that YMCA hostel mate. They have bang up at 9pm - every night of the week! Can’t stand it.”

β€œHe’s been a month on the out now, but before that he was banged up for a year.”
by Rix Fix May 13, 2019
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