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To be smoking pipes filled with marijuana. This defonition is refered to when the user would rather not directly refer to the meaning of his or her own statement to the public, before or after the action of smokeing marijuana.
The young friend said to the other whilst in front of a parent or guardian, "last night we were just watching a movie and s'n p's". Usually such a statement is followed by laughter or a comment about what they might have meant by what they said.
by goffish September 23, 2005
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One who knows the way of the shaman but lives no where near the origins of his or her teachings.
That guy had much to say as he was very shamanesque.
by goffish September 23, 2005
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A hallucinogen that is seldom understood. The trip, for most people includes a dumbfounded experience followed by laughter, and then a come down off of the hights of the highest high. Is taken by shamans and apparently by kids who like to write defonitions. See (fungi)
1)Wow I thought those shrooms were cool and neat. Id like to get such visuals again sometime.
2) wow, mushrooms are totally unique, and influential as well as thought provolking and ego-dissolving, not to mention the other.
by goffish September 23, 2005
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This stands for junior puffers, or those who like to smoke pot but know nothing about the experience or the crowd that it attracts. Its also quick and easy to say in public. Also, It is more often used by junior puffers themselves.
1)The kids who throw up are the real live j p's.

2)Those jp's seem to be having a good time but also don't act very enlightened nor do they respect the herb.
by goffish September 23, 2005
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Something one only does if you take lsd and extacy like they are candy. A mix that produces long lasting problems with emotion and logic.
That kid did a candyflip one too many times and is now even more stupid and more out of control than he or she was before the pure lsd experience.
by goffish September 23, 2005
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A hallucinogenic substance legal in plant form, that consists of plant based maois and dmt.
One kid took ayahuasca and never recovered from the intense experience. A substance not usually meant to be taken by anyone under 23 years of age.
by goffish September 23, 2005
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One who writes redundant, illogical, or pointless comments in an internet chatroom, blog, e-mail, magazine, book or any other form of text.
The texthole acted like he or she thought that what they were writing was valuable although their words were pointless in reality, thus taking up the readers time and or webchat space.
by goffish September 23, 2005
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