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Extremely potent heaven-sent psychedelic brew that opens the door to spiritual reality and takes you on the magical journey to show you God, angels, nature spirits, true mirror of your hart, your spiritual contamination and if you deserve or are ready it gives answers to your questions. It heals spirit and the body. The confrontations with your inner world can be extremely heavy as it leads you through trauma's and your fears. Never try it at home alone.
Miquel, after drinking ayahuasca went completely psycho, screaming like a beast and losing sense of reality. He fell on the ground kicking, howling and vomiting and afterwards got up, smiled and felt huge relief. He is now happy and stable fellow.
by Kasia100% November 08, 2009
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An extremely potent hallucinogenic substance - legal in Peru - that's derived from jungle vines by curanderos (shaman). It combines two pyschoactive substances (DMT and an MAO inhibitor), the latter compounding the effects of the former. Also known as "yage".
I went to an ayahuasca retreat in Shipibo.
by ill dun doin it. January 20, 2005
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A hallucinogenic substance legal in plant form, that consists of plant based maois and dmt.
One kid took ayahuasca and never recovered from the intense experience. A substance not usually meant to be taken by anyone under 23 years of age.
by goffish September 23, 2005
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