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Used to descibe a female who is very good looking in that innocent way.

Side Note:
In sign language tender is expressed by the pinching of the thumb and forefinger together.
That girl is TENDER!
by Glen February 09, 2005
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Job choices that are presented when all one has strived for is a McEducation. Usually involves those that have a McAttitude and McMentality. Usually not race or class based, but based on culture. Can also be caused by having McParents.
Even though (Bubba, Laquicia, Jose, Bobbie-Lee) graduated from high school with good grades, all that would ever be available would be a McJob.
by Glen November 29, 2003
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it is an Australian term 4 a male but it certainly does NOT mean he is drinking or that, that is all he does.
bloke is used in the same way as guy, man, boy, male.
it has NO particular reference other than denoting gender.
see that bloke over there he's got a .....
the bloke in the blue shirt is the 1 your looking 4.
that bloke in the corner is a dead set wanker.
by Glen February 06, 2005
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the greatest fucking hardcore/metal band around all others are mongoloid like in nature in comparision to Death By Stereo
Emo Holocaust your sweater can save you now!
Death By Stereo GO!
by GLen March 09, 2005
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More manufactured pop (what's new?), but at least with some talent (they can all sing... a bit).

Kimberley Walsh has a very nice arse it must be said. The rest are average at best.
I have no idea why I just spent some valuable time typing this.
by Glen August 04, 2004
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It means cool
That is so meinschein
by Glen May 29, 2003
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Developed at the Naked Turtle while bartending.


A girl wearing jeans two sizes small, thus fitting the most amount of mass into the smallest possible volume.

Remember the formula for density:

Yo! That girl is pushin maximum desnity in those jeans.
by Glen February 09, 2005
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