the worst punishment that a thrower can ever receive; death is often chosen instead of this cruel punishment

-- always the hardest part of any track and field workout
Coach- "Go do warmups!"

Thrower- "Bro, i don't know if i can finish the hardest part of the workout..."

Thrower Running Warmups- "Dude, I need a break!" (distance runners laugh) "No, seriously guys!"
by truethrower March 3, 2011
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A message sent to your lover before they come home, as a preview of what they'll be getting when they arrive.
John keeps looking at his phone and grinning, I think he's been sent a warmup pic.
by Lucothefish January 27, 2009
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A breakfast consisting of 12-15 tesco or sainsbury's yorkshire puddings cooked and eaten in a massive bowl of gravy as a kind of cereal.
"Ok, i'm coming out later, but I'm going for an epic Bolton Warmup before I come out!"
by Smayjoy April 16, 2010
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Running a 6 minute warmup mile when you still have 5 miles left in the workout
Blain Willis is the warmup god.
by TheBigUnit51 October 24, 2017
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Someone (typically a cross country runner) who exceeds in the art of pissing virtually everyone he/she is running with by running mach 5 during what's supposed to be a light run before your workout.
Person 1: "Ugh, dude who's pushing the pace these hills are gonna kill us!" Person 2:"It's Steve, he's such a warmup warrior"
by TheGrandWizardofShit October 23, 2020
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