52 definition by ghost

To drive your car in such a manner as to invite a street race, especially in another area that is commonly known to be ruled by another particular car. Used by gearheads.

also: protruding, protruder
Hey man, that Mustang is totally protruding in Jimmy-Z's turf, where is he?
by ghost July 31, 2003

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An outcast. A social leper. A person shunned from society.
In high school, that guy was a total rancher.
by Ghost July 27, 2003

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1. A person that charges you full price at your local bar
2. A person of jewish decent that charges you full price at any establishment.
3. A roommate/friend that charges you full price for drinks that you didn't ask for at a local establishment, namely Bennigan's.
<Radames>Dude, I went to Bennigan's and asked Lance for a Sprite. He gave me two Crown and Gingers, then charged me for three of them. What a fucking Full Price Jew.
<Boston>JEW CLAW!!
by Ghost February 05, 2005

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a chick so ugly she looks like she tried to commit suicide Cobain style.
That chick is shotgun dude....
by Ghost March 24, 2005

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A fake thug. Cross between a gangsta and a wanksta
"Yo, you twag. You talk da shit u cant walk da shit u twag"
by Ghost June 17, 2006

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1. A sausage fest.
2. A party where the number of guys doubles, if not triples the amount of women.
3. A party thrown at the 711 house in Orlando.
<Radames>Jesus Christ! Where are all of the fucking girls?
<Bardo>It's another 711 party.
<Boston>JEW CLAW!!!
by Ghost February 05, 2005

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Someone who smokes up a lot and enjoys the taste of ham.
That glaze over there smokes up so much that her eyes never open.
by ghost December 07, 2004

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