52 definition by ghost

the ability to turn invisible
The apparition turned Doth after all the commotion we put forth.
by Ghost August 06, 2003

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Complete newbie
OMG he just made a sturm mistake which costed us the victory.
by Ghost September 26, 2003

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Force Over Latin Kings
F-O-L-(K which is back whats)
by Ghost October 05, 2003

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Someone who is extremely shady
Yo Brady's so gadget
by ghost December 07, 2004

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layin back and relaxin.smokin some killa bud, sippin henny. in english smokin and drinking alchohal and relaxin. best time u can have
gansta 2- wud up dawg wachyall doing
g1- aww man we be chillin hommie
by ghost March 18, 2005

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All Over. When someone is clingy towards another person, esp. when the other person isn't interested.
I saw Jimmy the other day down at Rock-ola and his ex was AO. She was pathetic.
by ghost July 31, 2003

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someone who "swallows the wrong way"
That cuk didn't know what she was doing.
by ghost December 07, 2004

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