A metaphor and a source of irony when referring to a suspicion, conspiracy, or a cover-up of some type.
You'll find all your answers on the grassy knoll
by scumm November 29, 2005
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The greatest knoll you'll ever know.
"What a nice grassy knoll you have here, Governor Connally."
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover April 12, 2018
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where the pubic bone rises onan unshaven snatch
"I'm going to plant a conspirator in Cheryl's grassy knoll"
by Ferguson June 24, 2005
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Conspiracy-theorists' dream opportunity to speculate over the reasons JFK was killed.
Oh, yeah, I have a theory on the grassy knoll and area 51, it all starts in camp SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP-I-DON'T-CARE.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
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another code term for when girls are around. grassy knoll aka a womans vagina.
I'd like to shoot a load on that grassy knoll
by Captain Tanker February 2, 2008
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The hang out spot for the kids of Clone High High School.

Frequent visitors: JFK, Cleopatra, Abe Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Ghandi.
I wish I went to Clone High High School so I could hang out at the Grassy Knoll with all the famous clones.
by POMLOVE August 19, 2006
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The landform from which JFK was shot by a woman.
Today I drank South African soft drink atop a grassy knoll.
by miguel juan October 31, 2005
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