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Good fucking weed

usually used to describe high quality cannabis by city kids and drug dealers.
Dude that shit is fire!!!
by gbrd December 31, 2008
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Having a withdrawal, or craving for something, an addiction. Can be drug related.
Dude my computer hasnt worked in 2 weeks im jonesin' for sum world of warcrack
by gbrd December 17, 2007
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1) The act of being stabbed, or shanking someone.
2) Having to do with going to jail for a very long time.
3) Being Crazy
You've just been gatord!

Gators crazy! he'll do anything for his friends!
by gbrd December 14, 2007
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Bob: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Jake: Idk why?
Bob: Because the black man was chasing him
by gbrd December 17, 2007
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A party with black people, strippers, guns, 40's and rap music.
I invited snoop dogg, the game, biggie smalls, and 2pac to my gangsta party next friday.
by gbrd December 17, 2007
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an ugly fat girl with a yellow shirt on.
*fat girl walks down the hallway with a yellow tee on*

"hey.. taxi!"
by gbrd December 18, 2007
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Slang for an officer of the law. Usually when you are doing something illegal.

Avoid five 0's at all costs.

Originated from the show Hawaii Five 0

Shit its the five 0 run!1!111

I got caught by the five 0
by gbrd December 17, 2007
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