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Chain of British electrical retailers that exclusively employs male juvenile retards with bad acne. They all wear cheap shiny suits from Burtons or Top Man (clothing chains that employ the same sort of people).

Dixons make their money on selling dodgy extended warranties by trying to scare you that the screen on your shiny new laptop might break. One time they tried to sell me an extended warranty on a £10 kettle. FFS...
Spotty youth: "You can insure the washing machine against breakdown for 3 years for only £10/month".
Me: "Are you saying that this product which I have not yet paid for is unreliable?".
SY: "Ehhhhh...."
Me: "Besides, if it breaks, I will get a plumber out to fix it and that cannot cost as much as £360".
SY: "Security to checkouts please. We have a customer with a brain".
by fubarderby August 20, 2005
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As stated, the AK-47 and FN-FAL/SLR both have barrels of calibre 7.62mm. However, the 2 weapons fire totally incompatible cartridges. The FN-FAL/SLR used the 7.62x51 NATO cartridge whereas the AK-47 used the shorter 7.62x39 Soviet cartridge.

The NATO cartidge is more powerful and has greater range (hence it has often been used in machine guns such as the BREN and GPMG/FN-MAG, and in sniper rifles sucn as the SR-25), however the less powerful Soviet cartridge is more effective at wounding/killing a human at typical combat ranges (less than 400m).
A shot from a 7.62x51 SLR at close range would typically go straight through the target and out the other side, doing minimal damage and transferring little monentum to the target. A shot from an 7.62x39 AK-47 will tumble inside the target, doing considerable damage and transferring all of its monentum to the target.
by fubarderby December 27, 2005
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Organised criminal gang which operates in Northern Ireland and Eire. Their main efforts are spent nowadays on smuggling, drug dealing, protection rackets, robbery and handing out beatings to Nationalist people who cross them.

As a sideline, they also used to dabble in terrorism. Al Qeada and the Tamil Tigers are committed terrorists as they are willing to die to achieve their ends. The IRA were only ever involved in terrorism (think of bacon and eggs - the chicken was involved, but the pig was committed) and preferred to leave a bomb on a time somewhere in London, and slip home before it went off. The only times that they dared to face the British Army directly, such as Gibraltar and Loughgall Police Station, the Army slaughtered them.
The IRA are part time terrorists and full time criminals.
by fubarderby February 28, 2008
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In-the-closet male transvestite. Wears trousers held up with a belt. Underneath wears stockings and suspenders.

If only he knew that he should have used BRACES to provide additional trouser (not pants) security.
Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words blah blah blah
by fubarderby February 11, 2005
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Female of the species who hangs around late-opening shops, chippies, kiddies' playground, etc. making a nuisance of herself. Often hunt in packs. Wears too much make up. Smokes from the age of 12. Attracted to "phat motors" (AKA skips) driven by "rude boys" (AKA chav scum).

Their goal in life is to get pregnant before they are 14 (i.e. left on the shelf), get a council flat, live "on the social" and then have a few more technicolour children by assorted males until they are 35 and either get stabbed by a child/partner or die of an overdose/lung cancer.
Mutya from The Sugarbabes.
by fubarderby February 11, 2005
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A form of armchair expert who gains all their knowledge from the internet and then enlightens others on social media. The accuracy of their source information may be suspect, their analysis and conclusions are likely flawed, but they will shout down anyone who dares to challenge their expertise in the field.
In an online discussion of tractors on a newspaper website I posted that a problem with modern tractors was that a fault with the electronics could stop them dead and require a technician with a laptop to fix. An Internet Expert informed me that it was always possible for a modern tractor to "limp home" however bad the failure "in his experience".

I pointed out that I was a farmer and that for example on a Massey 5465 with Dyna 4 the gear selection is electronic, the rear hydraulics are electronic and a fault in either could strand a tractor in the middle of a field (no power or stuck anchored to the ground by a harrow or plough). The Internet Expert went very quiet!
by fubarderby October 14, 2014
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