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Solipsis: A new word coined here and now. The third major paradigm after the first=Religion, the second=Science. Solipsis states that there is only the binary consciousness of the entire "universe" consisting of each individual's consciousness and the consciousness of the entire universe, which operate in a Yin/Yang fashion, co-creating each other. Each of our own consciousness' is Yang, being "smaller" and denser. The universal consciousness is Yin, being "larger" and more expanded. Ones consciousness is the only thing which exists instantaneously in the here and now and is a sympathetic hologramatic reflection of the entire universe seen through each of our own unique hologramatic lenses. The universe is embedded in our consciousness, as our consciousness is embedded in the universe. Everything else takes "time" to perceive and therefore doesn't exist in the here and now, the " past "and "future" are illusions embedded in the present. Neither science nor religion can find the seat of human consciousness. Rene Descartes (1596-1650) located the seat of consciousness in the pineal body, but modern science does not agree. Everything is an electro-magnetic being, not a "physical-material being". Human consciousness is not a physical place located in the brain or body, but is an electro-magnetic field outside of our body, it is the consciousness of the entire universe itself with "our own" interpretation, as seen thru each of our own individual lenses. This twin consciousness is the only consciousness that exists. All other people, places, things, and concepts, including our own "physical body," are extensions and part of this consciousness and are illusionary projections from our part of this binary consciousness. This binary field is all that exists. Our consciousness projects the universe at the same time it is projected to itself by the universe. This is what eastern philosophy referrs to as Yin/Yang, western philosophy referrs to subjective/objective. We have previously tended to see ourselves as separate individuals and not part of the whole, in large part due to the dualistic scientific concept of Rene Descartes. His concept is equivilent to seeing a whilpool as separate from the river it is in. According to solipsis we are whirling pools embedded in the "universe" in a very similar manner. We are not born into the universe as Descartes suggests, as there is no "outside the universe." When any thing can no longer maintain it's integrity it doesn't "die" as suggested by the current Descartian scientific dualistic philosophy, it merely returns to the flow from which it came. Things don't leave the universe any more than they are born into it.
The concept of solipsis is beyond all other concepts and shows the limitation of all other words and transcends the more mundane and exoteric concepts of life, death, time, space, energy and matter which are just the "scientific" way of looking at what are the illusions of the solipsistic view. This is not solipsism as is commonly defined by the dictionary, but solipsis as defined here. According to the dictionary definition of solipsism, "only the individual exits". Solipsis states that only the binary consciousness of the indivdual and the consciousness of the "entire universe as a whole" exists
by fred ressler November 27, 2006
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