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Phrase: Coming from the filming of the movie Serenity. And meaning to cede control of a situation to a higher authority.
Hey man, Joss is Boss.
by flashwildecard July 14, 2010
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Emanating from exceptionally stupid people Idiot Radiation has the effect of slowly chipping away at a persons intelligence/sanity. Although mild exposure can leave the exposed feeling angry, bitter, and or homicidal for short to moderate periods of time prolonged exposure has been known to increase an individuals resistance, acting as a form of inoculation. (At least in the cases where prolonged exposure hasn’t resulted in violence.)

Idiot Radiation poisoning is common to individuals working in fields that require daily contact with the public.

Effective treatments include: Listening to music, deep breathing, and becoming a hermit. Although alcohol has been known to be an effective treatment, in sufficient quantities it can result in an individual becoming the source of Idiot Radiation and should therefore be considered only as a last resort.

Idiot Radiation tends to effect groups more severely contributing to the ‘mob mentality.’

The only known cure is the complete eradication of the human species.
Dude, must be Idiot Radiation.
by flashwildecard January 01, 2011
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Usually used by Christians (although it can be used by any person of belief) when speaking to a person of another faith/person without faith.

Essentially their way of talking down to others without swearing.
Which makes more sense: The universe was created by an all knowing, all powerful being, that leaves no trace of its existance? Or that our primitive ancestors created the concept of God because they were afraid and needed answers.

I'll pray for you.

* * * *

I'll pray for you.

Well fuck you too!
by flashwildecard November 28, 2010
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Internet Default is when you have to assume everyone on the Internet is an idiot because of past experience.

This can lead to mistaking sarcasm for factual statements.
I don't sweat because I use deodorant.

That's not how deodorant works.

I was being sarcastic.

Sorry, I'm running Internet Default.
by flashwildecard October 27, 2019
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1. The exact opposite of everything Barack Obama was: White, Crass, Classless, Anti-Intellectual.

2. An embarrassment to the office of the United States Presidency.

3. Donald Trump
1. Created when Lex Luthor tried to clone Barack Obama (and failed miserably) BizarrObama is an old white man who rants like a ten year old boy.

2. "BizarrObama am best president! Am have biggest crowds! Am get rid of healthcare!"
by flashwildecard August 26, 2017
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Phrase: Any scene in a movie that justifies paying full ticket price.
Example #1: From 'American Beauty' "This is me jerking off in the shower." That's a Price of the movie scene right there.

Example #2 From 'Reign of Fire' The Gerard Butler/Christian Bale re-enactment of 'Empire Strikes Back' Total Price of the movie scene.
by flashwildecard September 15, 2010
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"Sadie used to be popular, until she started sharing her shitty opinions. Now everyone hates her."

"Yeah, she really pulled a Rowling."
by flashwildecard September 21, 2020
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