The most politically influential band of the first wave of punk rock bands, as the second wave began, they stopped playing since they promised themselfs to stop in 1984. Crass was against government, organized religion, and all that good stuff, they pointed out problems in the punk scene itself, with their song Punk is Dead. Their most remembered song today is probably Banned From the Roxy
Without crass, anarchy wouldnt be a popular movent today, and you couldnt buy anarchy wristbands from the counter-revolutionaries (hot topic) while paying tax for them, which is the biggest condradiction of brainless mtv generation kids wearing the anarchy symbol, which most of them think means chaos and disorder, the misconception started by counter-revolutionaries themselfs, to make people sub-conciously believe that anarchy will result in chaos, and not work.
by Paul October 9, 2004
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An anarchist punk band, formed in 1977 in England, whose most famous member was vocalist Steve Ignorant. They took their name from the David Bowie song, "Ziggy Stardust."

Their political beliefs can be best described as libertarian socialist or anarchist, themes that were extremely frequent in their lyrics. The members of Crass were also vehement opponents of war and supported peace, which is seen in a considerable amount of the band's graffiti.

Other frequent issues in their lyrics were, including but not limited to: criticizing organized religion, feminism, and anti-consumerism.

Crass' original label refused to include the controversial track, "Reality Asylum," on their debut album, entitled The Feeding of the 5000. Although the label released the album without this track and replaced it with two minutes of silence, Crass later re-released the album on their own label (Crass Records) and included the track.

Virtually no live footage of Crass exists. They refused to use any stage lighting besides 40-watt household bulbs. In one story, a camera man asked the band if they would use 60-watt bulbs instead, so that he could film him. The band refused.

Crass disbanded in 1984, after releasing their fifth and final album. Today, many punk bands attempt to duplicate the ideals of Crass, mainly in their political views, but none have succeeded, and it is very unlikely that any band ever will.
Crass is arguably the greatest punk band to ever exist.
by ChemicalGoat May 17, 2009
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Crass 1. Noun- The area between a mans ass crack and their nutsack.

Crass 2. Verb- maybe not nutsack asscrack so ur like sucking on part ass part crack so its all wrinkly.
Pronounced (kur-asseuh)
"Last night, I ate big Darryl's Crass"

"In examination of a body, the area between the crack, and the nutsack is known as the crass"
by Barks In Russian. October 6, 2020
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a slang word for weed originating from the central coast of California, specifically San Luis Obispo.
Crass Crass pass me the crass.

Yo dude this crass is so fire I am so stoned.
by Crassman January 8, 2022
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One of the first punk rock bands. Best known for their relentlessly cynical lyrics and anarchistic themes, as well as their overwhelming musical simplicity. Formed in 1977, and reached their peak with 1979's Stations of the Crass and 1981's Penis Envy. The band broke up in 1984 with 5 full length albums and a huge influence in the punk scene to show for it.
Crass was not a very talented band.
by Bryan Adair June 16, 2004
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The baddest ass deltasig family of all time. Part of the Beta Iota chapter. In partnership with the Sexy family, making up the "Sexy and Crass" family line. Consisting of the lineage of Marc Link, beginning with Aaron "Fitz" Fitzgerald.

.....Has also been known to refer to "crustacean ass"
"I wish I could be as cool as the Crass family.."

"Let's get crassy"
by AllIDoIsCrass April 28, 2013
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"Oh no! I'm rate for maff crass!"
by KRWundebar February 3, 2016
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